Industries Served - Stationery

The Quantum Polymers range of adhesives for use in the Stationery and Book binding Industries have achieved a reputation for their adherence to high quality at competitive costs.

We supply a range of adhesives that are used to a great extent for book manufacturing and bonding applications, as well as in the envelope manufacturing industry.

They are formulated with specific requirements in mind, such as variable setting speeds, excellent adhesion properties, resistance to humidity and excellent lay- flat properties.

The Quantum Polymers range of Book Binding adhesives have been developed for hard and soft cover books, magazines, diaries, exam pads etc.

The range includes: perfect binding, gluing off, side gluing, end papering, joint gluing, lining up, tight backing, casing-in, cold press pasting, thermal binding, writing pads, notice blocks and coverless production.

Our adhesives comply with the safety requirements for manufacturing articles used in school and office glues in various odour and solvent free pack sizes.

Applications: Book binding applications, envelopes.