Social Responsibility


Quantum Polymers acknowledges the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and seeks to minimize the social, economic and developmental consequences to the company and its employees through comprehensive, proactive HIV/AIDS workplace programs, therefore committing itself to providing leadership in implementing such programs.

Quantum Polymers is fully committed to protect its employees, create awareness, encourage behaviour changes where necessary as well as ensure that all employees are treated with the necessary dignity, fairness and equality. ??Quantum Polymers commits itself to the following in as far as HIV and AIDS are concerned.

HIV positive employees will be governed by the same contractual obligations as all other employees. HIV/AIDS education and awareness training will be made available to all employees.

Pre and post-test counseling services will be provided for employees wishing to be tested or for those who are infected with the virus.

Quantum Polymers will ensure that where necessary/appropriate, affected employees and their colleagues and or line managers receive appropriate advice and guidance should such a colleague wish to disclose their status.

The company will also ensure that affected employees are referred to appropriate professionals for e.g. medical and or counseling services. Consultation with affected employees in managing their illness will also be ensured.