Industries Served - Packaging

Barrier Coatings - Barrier to water or grease.

Quantum manufactures custom designed functionalised acrylic and styrene acrylic polymers for paper with enhanced barrier and printability properties.

A broad range of adhesives are utilised in the Packaging industry, demanding the highest standards of end-product quality and performance characteristics. At Quantum Polymers, our packaging adhesives have been formulated to provide effective brand impact without sacrificing image, performance, or production efficiencies.

Quantum Polymers holds long term relationships within this industry and has become the choice adhesive supplier for all our customers in this respect. We adhere strictly to the rules and regulations regarding the protection of health and safety as pertaining to consumer interests.

Quantum Polymers manufactures Packaging adhesive for various applications and our lab staff is able to specially design adhesives for a variety of packaging requirements.

Our range of adhesives supplied to the Paper Sacks industry include self opening, side seam, bottom paste and top seam. Our adhesives for Carton boxes include all closing applications.

The range of Labelling adhesives manufactured include use on a wide range of substrates such as PET, Glass , PVC and various other carrier materials. Bottle and packaging labels forms an integral core of our product distribution.

We are experts in the provision of environmentally sustainable, reliable and durable labelling adhesive products that conform strictly to the standards required by industry- wide clients.

Barrier Coatings - Barrier to water or grease.

Quantum Polymers recognizes the specifications that the Paper Converting industry adheres to and we have dedicated the skills of our highly trained staff to formulate products that guarantee optimum performance for the desired applications.

We have developed an extensive range of adhesives that are compatible with the range of paper converting product handling equipment, able to withstand various stages of the converting operation, from the core to finished product.

Applications: Bags, paper sacks, Carton side seam & closures, Composite containers & tubes, Corrugated board, disposables, film & film foil laminates, flexible packaging, labels/ signs, re-moistenable products, speciality packaging