Environmental Responsibility

Reducing our water use

A number of our products are water based and manufactured via water-intensive processes. Either used as a constituent of the product, or just as part of the manufacturing procedure, water is an important resource for us here at Quantum Polymers.

Any threat to our water resources will consequently pose a treat to our company, production, as well as the industries and communities we serve. It is therefore, that the way in which we manage our water resources is of significant importance.

Our aim to effectively manage this precious liquid involves reusing water. Our processed water is reused wherever possible. Our operational processes like cooling do not require water of a drinking quality and recycled water is safely used here.

To ensure its safety for use this water is tested, and treated for harmful corrosives and pathogens before reuse. At Quantum Polymers our quality and production standards prevent the use of recycled water in our products and prohibit any product contact with recycled water.

We are continually exploring new technologies and processes to assist our responsible use of water. We also exercise strict control and management of the quality of discharged water at the end of the production cycle.

Energy Saving


At Quantum Polymers, we strive to use our energy resource responsibly. By reducing our energy usage, we benefit not only in monetary terms, but also via a reduced carbon footprint. Our dedicated research and technical team are constantly investigating ways to reduce our operational energy use, as well as alternate sources of energy.



Centered on quality and sustainability, we ensure customer satisfaction by using the best quality packaging for our product possible. Our high quality packaging protects and guarantees a superior quality of product. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and a number of our products are also distributed in returnable vessels, minimizing the possible impacts on the local environment.



Here at Quantum Polymers we are working towards zero-waste operations and we hope to achieve this in the very near future. The bulk of our waste is a result of our operational processes, and packaging from our raw materials. Reuse and recycling of these materials, without compromising the quality of our product, is high on our priority list. Other wastes generated are disposed of safely, with an accredited service provider.