Dextrin and Starch Adhesives

Dextrin/ Starch based adhesives are made from natural polymers derived from the roots, tubers and seeds of higher plants such as maize, potatoes, wheat, rice and tapioca.

Starch based adhesives are either cold or warm water-soluble depending on the application requirements.

We produce starch-based adhesives in both borax and borax-free solutions. Dextrin can be developed into a variety of gums and pastes. The solubility and viscosity of dextrin based products is controlled based on acidity, moisture content and cooking temperature.

All our dextrin and starch based products are readily available, competitively priced, easy to apply and possess excellent adhesion to paper. Our Adhesive lab is able to modify adhesive properties such as solids contents, viscosity, tack, drying time, adhesion properties, moisture resistance and film forming properties based on your various customer specifications.

Substrates: Paper, Porous substrates

Applications: Carton sealing, case sealing, Corrugated Boxes, gummed paper, gummed tape, laminated paper board, Paper bags (grocery and multi-wall), Paper boxes, Core/ tube winding (paper & board), bottle labelling, envelopes