Custom Adhesives

At Quantum Polymers our chemists are experts at specially formulating adhesive products to meet the needs of all your custom applications and specifications. We are able to develop and produce Speciality and Custom Adhesives to suit diverse performance and environmental conditions.

Our adhesives are formulated by taking into consideration key parameters such environmental resistance, mechanical stability, viscosity stability, setting speed, solids, foaming, application method, and end- use temperature and environmental conditions.

We are able to custom develop the following products to suit your specific adhesive requirements: Dextrin & Starch Adhesives, PVA Adhesives, EVA Adhesives, Hot Melt Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.

Our products are non- flammable and can be used for a variety of application methods. Our elite team of lab staff pride themselves on being scientifically based and understanding the individual needs of each customer. They have mastered the art of custom product assessment and matching products to spec.

Our Polymer and Adhesive formulators have significant knowledge and experience in assessing adhesives for a wide range of applications.

We are able to formulate and improve both polymer and adhesive products through the implementation of a structured research, testing and analysis procedure.

Our Research and Development projects are kept strictly confidential for the protection of our client base.