About Us

Strengthening Relationships

Quantum Polymers (Pty) Ltd was established as an Owner Managed, manufacturing company in 1996, with a single minded commitment to providing excellent products and services to its customers. We specialise in the manufacture and distribution of high quality, custom formulated polymers & adhesives.

The range of products include, base polymers, lamination adhesives, and packaging adhesives. Our tailor made bonding solutions have accompanied their developments in their respective key markets: packaging, woodworking, printing, bottle labelling, core winding, stationery, paper conversion, textile, automotive, and construction industries. We are among the fastest growing companies in the field of adhesives in South Africa.

Our vision at Quantum Polymers is to become a foremost reference for the design and manufacture of internationally recognized polymer and adhesive solutions. We understand that to guarantee our success in the global adhesive industry, an innovative approach to product development is a key factor.

Quantum Polymers prides itself on building, strengthening and maintaining customer and supplier relationships. At Quantum Polymers we are a family that works towards a common goal of product and service excellence. We are the "bonding people" and our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships.

Our company is defined by the values we uphold in all decision making processes:

Employee Development: employees are committed to keeping up to date on current business strategy and chemical industry technology. We attract and develop the best talent for our business.

Client Value: Creating long- term relationships with our customer base. Collaboration with all clients on a regular basis. We ensure that our clients receive products with a balance between high performance and competitive cost.

Safety and awareness: We maintain a voluntary industry-wide commitment to safety in the handling of all chemicals from use in the laboratory to the final disposal of waste materials. Safety officers ensure that all employees and visitors are attired with suitable safety apparel. Our Staff is well educated regarding safety procedures and first aid officers are periodically trained. We are committed to the safety & quality of life of all employees and surrounding communities.

Sustainability: Chemical technology and innovation are combined to encompass continuing dedication to sustainable development. All our products are formulated to incorporate lasting value. We are committed to the safety of the environment in which we operate.

Sincerity, Integrity, Respect: We value diversity in all areas. An environment of understanding and openness is fostered between all employees and clients. The Quantum Polymers family works to inspire responsibility, good ethical conduct and non- discriminating behaviour for all.